​A fragmented government does not work. We in the Minnesota government should be working like a well-oiled machine with each department being a cog and interlocking to communicate together and accomplish civic duties for our citizens. Minnesota is a greatly populated area with people of all walks of life and it is important to utilize all the talent we have for the state to reach its full potential. Minnesota needs to be fiscally responsible to its constituents and have an answer for our citizens.  Maribella plan to relieve financial pressure on our businesses and homeowners. Minnesota needs to increase citizen engagement, community growth and council- citizen relationships. The people of Minnesota need to be able to trust government officials to have a working relationship with each other, Government answers to THE PEOPLE!!! The individuals who elect us want their voices heard. We need strategic planning and fiscal responsibility to our citizens. We need to have immediate plans but also a long-term cost effect perspective. Maribella  will hear all Minnesota resident's voices and examine what the majority of residents want instead of allowing a small group to dictate where our money goes. We can have a better future for Minnesota and our growth. 

Maribella's future plans for Minnesota are to help maintain fiscal responsibility to our citizens while making sure our small businesses are protected.   Maribella wants to focus on the government being transparent and fiscally responsible. Projects that are proposed in the future need to be vetted on needs versus want. Any need should be fully transparent to the public. Maribella also would like decisions made by prior council members to be non-binding to members so decisions made prior can be revisited and changed to create a stronger outlook and better future for our Great State Of Minnesota.


 Fiscal Transparency & Responsibility

Maribella promise's to be transparent with what she  is doing and encourage others to disclose tax dollar transactions. She pledge to listen to our constituents and small businesses. It is important to earn your trust and keep your trust which is why transparency is my number one responsibility. It will be my duty to be fiscally responsible to the voters. She believe that elected officials should give short and long-term fall outs to taxpayers and what their cost would be. It is important to be fiscally responsible to keep taxes down for our constituents and small business.

Witness In Courtroom


Maribella wants clear communication among one another. This will help achieve understanding between difference and help make change. Maribella would be a advocate for the first and second amendment and vote NO on critical race theory and less taxes.

Night of Metropolitan


Part of being fiscally responsible means that we must invest in our public infrastructure to maintain a certain standard of living that the people of Minnesota are accustom to.  Maribella's promise, if elected, to be transparent and responsible about spending your tax dollars to improve and maintain our infrastructure. All money transactions, as previously noted, will be publicly noted.